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About us

DB Chemicals is committed to providing our clients with insightful, meaningful and actionable results
Our deep expertise is shaped by our extensive project portfolio across key market segments.

The global market for chemicals is one of the most turbulent industries in the world. Upstream shifts in the cost and availability of both conventional and unconventional feedstocks are forcing companies to evaluate geographic and product portfolios. Macroeconomic forces are changing the demand patterns for some chemicals to developing countries and accelerating demand for certain specialty chemicals. Leading chemicals firms around the globe benefit from the depth and breadth of DB Chemicals’s industry expertise. Through a deep knowledge of market forces, the changing competitive landscape, and customer needs, DB helps clients grow and invest successfully. We help leading chemicals firms manage today’s critical issues and the impact on their businesses, including: • The renewed competitiveness of North American producers arising from the unconventional oil & gas boom. • The changing nature of feedstocks, including bio-based alternatives. • Continued demand growth from emerging economies. • The rising competitiveness of Asia-based chemical players. • The most attractive market segments to invest in (e.g., where is innovation driving margin, what geographies/sectors have attractive demand characteristics, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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